Isaiah 42:3

" bruised reed he will not break, and a smoldering wick he will not snuff out. In faithfulness he will bring forth justice;"

Friday, July 20, 2012

I cannot stop taking about Arizona sunsets. I needed a break from cooking today so I decided to have a pizza tonight for our family. As I was going to pick up the pizza for our children, I felt like I was driving toward a large movie screen. There was a hill that I had to drive over and the road lead me traveling west facing into the sunset. The color was breath taking. Often I do not have the right words to describe the beauty of nature God displays for us. His faithfulness toward us is steadfast. In spite of what is going on in this world, God still paints the sky with his love without reservations.  I was struggling with painting a sunset today, and then I saw the master’s art on the largest canvas, the sky. I was almost in tears when I saw the turquoise color between the bright red and orange color of the clouds. The color was so vivid that I was almost confused about whether it was an actual painting or real sky. To listen to the program, click In His Love.

Monday, July 9, 2012

July 3rd was Heavenly because of beautiful fireworks and the moon that was so bright that I almost saw a rainbow of color around it. I wondered about the coincidence of the last week’s podcast and seeing the actual moon with the rainbow color. It was the first time I have noticed the beautiful moon with rainbow colors on July 3rd of this year. The greatest gift of this nation is the freedom of speech. The greatest sin in our nation is neglecting our true freedom. When we lose the freedom of speech, we are going to lose everything. Please visit our website to see pictures I took of the moon.

Last weekend, our family visited California. Unusual events always surprise us. While Steven and I went for a walk in a garden, two little girls were laying on their bellies and staring at something under a tree. Because bushes covered the scene, I could not recognize what it was they were so interested in. I knelt down and looked inside the bushes. It was a mother duck sitting on her nest with seven tiny babies. We were excited to see the sight with some bubbling joy that I could not explain. I was trying to take pictures, but I could not capture the scene because bushes covered the ducky family. While I was trying to angle the camera into a better position, the camera battery went out. I was exclaiming, “awe?”. With disappointment, I had to walk away from the scene. Because the garden was so big, I worried that I might not be able to see this ducky family again. Our room was far away from the ducky nest.
Days went by quickly. I forgot about the ducky family. After a lunch, I asked Steven to get more batteries just in case.
Hours later, unexpectedly I opened the door. Would you like to know what I saw? It was the same ducky family with seven babies. It could be the different ducky family, but the numbers were the same; seven tiny ducklings with the loving mom. They lined up in one line and walking down to a pond in the garden that was on the property. The Mother duck slipped into the pond first, and her babies followed her. Peacefully they were swimming around with fishes in the pond. That moment was just like a Disney movie. Good thing I got the batteries and had the camera on my shoulder at the moment when the ducky family was diving into the pond. I finally took pictures of the precious scene.